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Machine Accessories & Spares
Adaptor Sleeves for Mill & Drill Spindles Etc
Angle Plates, Box Cubes, Magnetic Workholding,V Blocks.
Autolock Chucks,Collet Milling Chucks,Stub Arbors,Horizontal Arbors Etc
Boring & Facing Heads, Tapping Heads,Fly Cutters.
Cutting Tools,Gear Cutters, Milling Cutters, Broaches,Drills,Files,Abrasives, Cleaning
Lathe Chucks, Lathe Collet Chucks, Drill Chucks Etc
Machine Vices, Clamping Kits, Hold Down Clamps Etc
Rotary Tables, Dividing Heads, Indexers etc.
Sundry Machine Spares & Accessories
Turning & Milling Tooling

Workshop Equipment
Blacksmithing, Foundry & Heat Treatment Equipment
Engineers Hand Tools,Letter & Number Stamps,Books Etc
Generators, Car & Garage Equipment
Metal.Material,Wood,Fixings,Abrasives, Consumables
Miscellaneous Machines,
Storage & Racking & Benches
Surface Finish,Blast Cleaning,Etc
Watch & Clock Makers Lathes & Equipment

Axes,Adzes,Billhooks,Slashers& Other Edge Tools
Carpenters, Cabinet Makers, Woodwork Tools Various
Chisels, Mortice,Paring,Carving,All Types & Hand Thread Chasers & Screw Boxes
Hand Saw, Bow Saws, Panel, Rip & Tenon Saws Etc
Hand Tools, Stonemasons, Saddlers, Other Trades
Lathe,& Other Woodwork Machine Tooling
Marking Gauges, Mortice Gauges,All Gauges, Levels, Rules,Squares, Bevels
Planers,Planer Thicknessers Etc
Planes, Wooden & Steel,Vintage, Modern, Smoothing,Try, Shoulder, Bullnose,All Types
Sawing,Band Saws,Circular Saws,Radial Arm Saws Etc
Spokeshaves, Drawknives,Scorps, Travishers Other Shaves
Union Graduate/Jubilee Spares and Accesories
Vintage Unused Plane Irons For Plane Makers or Collectors
Woodwork benches
Woodwork Morticers,Sanders,Extractors,Other Machines
woodwork vice

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